Roll forming equipment for constructing Pre-Engineered Buildings, Warehouses & Commercial Buildings


Producing frames & purlins for portal buildings; the PEB300 has the ability to form C / U / Z and Sigma profiles. The PEB300 provides a truly flexible approach to design and production of PEB and portal framed buildings.


  • The PEB300 produces frames for Portal buildings and purlins. As a result this is an ideal solution for building PEB buildings such as warehouses and commercial buildings.
  • Automated high line speed up to 2,700m/hr (8,850ft./hr) results in industry leading output and with a typical production output of 500m/hr.
  • Up to 9 advanced precision punching functions for high productivity in production of wall, floor and roof frames.
  • A simple and intuitive gauging system allows for quick change of gauges between 1.2 - 3.2mm steel (18-11 gauge).
  • The PEB is integrated with FRAMECAD Structure which enables customers to use FRAMECAD’s world leading drafting software to easily design PEB and portal framed buildings.
  • With the ability to produce C / U / Z and Sigma profiles the PEB300 provides a truly flexible way to design and manufacture PEB and portal framed buildings.

Design for Pre-Engineered Buildings and Warehouses

FRAMECAD has created the world’s most efficient design and manufacturing technology for PEB and portal framed buildings. The PEB300 system is the intelligent solution for organisations desiring to deliver large scale production and projects. It uses FRAMECAD patented technology to give a smart lean design, engineering and fabrication process.


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Olympic Games Rio 2016 - TV TOWER at the Olympic Park

GypSteel, used the FRAMECAD technology to build the TV tower at the Olympic Park, housing studios for 16 worldwide stations for live broadcasts of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 . Can be considered one of the most daring buildings in LGS executed in Brazil until today, this construction was challenging. Another success story and an example of innovation and sustainability, as after dismantling of the structure, we reassemble it in another location can be used for commercial rooms.


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