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Seamless integration to Revit for fast and accurate design & engineering

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Seamless Revit integration

Using our simple plug-in, FRAMECAD Revlink, allows you to work seamlessly between Revit and FRAMECAD Detailer, or Revit and FRAMECAD Structure, secure in the knowledge that you always have one complete model available. 

The integration between platforms (Revit to Structure and Revit to Detailer) is two-way and very fast to run, speeding up the engineering and design processes.

Want to learn about how to take a Revit design into FRAMECAD software, detail or frame, and export back to Revit, ensuring you always have one complete model available? Watch FRAMECAD Revlink webinar recording video here.


  • Seamless exchange between Revit and FRAMECAD Detailer, or Revit and FRAMECAD Structure
  • Speeds up the design & engineering process
  • Simplifies the frame design
  • Reduces the risk of mistakes and rework
  • One complete BIM model
  • Simple and intuitive to use

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