Training Services for FRAMECAD Software, Manufacturing and Construction

FRAMECAD is committed to supporting its customers with a proven training scheme to ensure your success. Whether you're starting your factory layout for the first time or you're already well established. Before the construction process starts, through to completion, our experts will be on hand to help you grow and develop based on your unique needs.

FRAMECAD’s Team is here to help through every phase of construction

When it comes to building with Cold Formed Steel (CFS, also known as Light Gauge Steel), FRAMECAD has unparalleled experience and expertise to assist engineers, designers, factory teams and onsite staff.

We offer intensive, world-class customer training in software-aided design, construction machinery and the premium FRAMECAD design-led process. With our training programmes at one of our regional facilities or your premises; your team will achieve mastery in factory operations, design, framing, and general productivity.

FRAMECAD are here to ensure you get the most out of your system.

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Premium materials and equipment, combined with organised operations and attention to detail, are the foundation of a successful final construction project. And, nowhere is this more true than with proper implementation of the FRAMECAD system.

Our training is facilitated by more than 30 top engineers, detailers, designers and experts in construction with cold formed steel. We educate teams in all different aspects of the FRAMECAD process, including our proprietary software, equipment and overall construction methodology, so that all your future projects run more efficiently and result in remarkable, enduring buildings.

Some of the unique benefits of our customer education programmes are:

Flexible training programmes

FRAMECAD will undertake a close assessment of your training needs and ensure that the training is designed according to your factory or construction specific needs. FRAMECAD ensures that your team receives a first-class education in the FRAMECAD Design and Construction process.

Teaching that ranges from beginner- to advanced-level, in multiple languages

No matter the current expertise level of your staff, our training will quickly bring them up to speed on state-of-the-art CFS construction techniques, software and equipment usage and factory operations.

Programmes that run either onsite or at FRAMECAD’s offices

Regardless of your location, you will have access to our premium customer support and training.

Instruction in all aspects of the FRAMECAD system

Your teams will gain a well-rounded foundation in best practices for faster, better construction.

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