Roll forming equipment for optimised flooring for large scale multilevel residential or commercial buildings.


The FL650 is suitable for large scale multi-level, residential or commercial buildings. Producing dedicated C & U profiles between 254mm (10”) and 300mm (12”) up to 2.25mm (13g) thickness. This machine's unique punching system provides provisions for easy installation of the HVAC and MEP, along with other electrical and plumbing services, without compromising on joint or profile strength.


  • The FL650 is suitable for the high volume construction of residential and multi-storey buildings
  • Automated high line speed up to 1,350m/hr results in a high performing Flooring System manufacturing process.
  • Joists sit at the same level as the perimeter, achieving a full load transfer for multi-level & modular structures, providing strength and reliability.
  • The FL650 profile requires fewer screw joins than web joist system.
  • Smart internet connectivity provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency.
  • Hot climate hydraulic cooling system to perform in high temperature operating environments and large scale production facilities.

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Watch as this 3-level building uses FRAMECAD to frame the flooring between floors

With a floor area of 3200sqm and a total of over 80 tonnes of steel used, the Zinnia Apartments are comprised of 39 one, two, and three bedroom apartments. The three levels rise to a reasonably complex roof structure, requiring multiple head heights to be maintained across multiple falls throughout the top floor.

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