Specialized roll-forming equipment for heavy duty frames, joists and trusses.


The FRAMECAD TF550H provides heavy duty manufacturing solutions for high volume production. It has been designed to produce heavy duty framing profiles best suited for all frames, trusses, and joists where extra strength in construction is required.

Suitable for mid rise construction, the TF550H has 14 roll forming stations allowing for higher production speeds with greater profile quality. In addition, it features custom tooling options providing additional functionality.


  • The TF550H produces wall frames, trusses and joists for commercial & residential buildings quickly and economically.
  • Automated high line speed up to 1,350m/hr results in the industry’s best framing and truss manufacturing output.
  • 12 advanced precision punching functions for high productivity and versatile components production such as roof trusses, walls and floor joists.
  • Heavy duty system that rolls up to 2mm or 14 gauge material enabling the manufacture and construction of mid rise buildings
  • Smart Internet connectivity provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency.
  • Hot climate hydraulic cooling system to perform in high temperature operating environments and large scale production facilities.
  • A simple and intuitive gauging system allows for quick change of gauges between 0.95 - 2.0mm steel (20 - 14 gauge).

Manufactured with experience and expertise

The most heavy duty offering of FRAMECAD's manufacturing solutions, the TF550H is a perfect solution for large scale construction projects where a high gauge of steel framing is required. Combined with the state of the art FRAMECAD software suite, FRAMECAD provides the most cost-efficient solution for construction.


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156-Room Hotel in only 17 Working Days - The FRAMECAD Difference

Watch how Douglass Colony Group construct a A 6-level, 156-room hotel project. All 644 wall panels for this project were erected in just 17 working days using a 6-man crew (this project included only wall panel erection - no floor install, or concrete work).

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