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With a focus on ongoing innovation, FRAMECAD's state of the art roll-forming equipment for cold formed steel leads the way in accuracy and speed.

Increase production accuracy and efficiency

Improve operational efficiencies and cold formed steel precision with the technologically advanced roll-forming equipment from FRAMECAD. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, FRAMECAD's roll-forming equipment integrates innovative engineering, design and production software to produce frames, trusses and joists that are ready to be assembled with ease.

The world's most efficient design and manufacturing technology for cold formed steel, FRAMECAD equipment utilizes a specialized servo-drive motor combined with a world-leading encoder system, creating punches, cuts and chamfers with less than 0.01mm tolerance.

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  • Applications
  • F325iT

    The FRAMECAD F325iT is a highly versatile member of the FRAMECAD manufacturing system. Designed to offer increased production speed, greater flexibility and increased reliability, the F325iT roll-forming machine is best suited for residential and light commercial projects.

  • F325iT-L

    Featuring the same versatility as the F325iT, the FRAMECAD F325iT-L features an additional 3 tooling stations in the punch block, allowing for more functionality and detailed frame manufacturing.

  • P325iT

    Producing wall frames and trusses for pods, modular and residential structures quickly and economically, the FRAMECAD P325iT boasts the industry's fastest automated high line speed of up to 2,880m/hr. Coupled with 12 advanced precision punching functions, this machine delivers high productivity and versatile componentry for roof trusses, walls and floor joists.

  • J325iT

    As a dedicated roll-forming machine for web joists, the FRAMECAD J325iT features additional punching tools to manufacture web joists up to 40% faster than the rest of the F325iT range. The J325iT allows roll formers to operate a focused web joist line whilst other machines focus on framing and trusses.

  • TM300iT

    The TM300iT has been specially developed as part of the FRAMECAD optimised truss manufacturing system. It produces 75mm standard size C-section trusses designed specifically for maximum strength at minimum cost.

  • F450iT

    A rapidly high-performing solution for producing framing and trusses in heavy residential and light commercial buildings. The FRAMECAD F450iT has been designed to handle the heavy gauge steel required to construct 1 to 7 storey structures and outputs 75–150 mm profiles.

  • TF550H

    The FRAMECAD TF550H provides heavy duty manufacturing solutions for high volume production. It has been designed to produce heavy duty framing profiles best suited for all frames, roof trusses, floor joists and roof and floor panels where extra strength in construction is required.

  • TF650H

    The TF650H is an ideal solution for heavy duty wall frames, trusses and joists for commercial & residential buildings quickly and economically. Heavy duty system that rolls up to 2.5mm or 97mils material enabling the manufacture and construction of mid rise buildings & industrial.

  • ST825iT

    The ST825iT is the perfect solution for multi profile construction methods for mid-rise residential and light commercial buildings. A flexible building system with up to four profiles which enables a wide range of construction options.

  • ST925iT

    The FRAMECAD ST925iT is an ideal solution for multi-profile construction projects for mid-rise commercial, and residential buildings. Able to manufacture from 0.95-2.00 mm or 20 - 14 gauge, it is ideal for manufacturing wall frames, wide spanning roof trusses or long spanning floor joists.

  • ST950H

    The FRAMECAD® ST950H is a multi-profile system offering fast, efficient, automated production and flexible profile output. With heavy duty gauge capacity up to 97 mils (2.5 mm or 12 gauge) this robust system is ideal for the manufacture of wall frames, wide-spanning roof trusses or long-spanning floor joists. Perfect for large scale production of load-bearing, mid-rise cold formed steel projects.

  • FL650

    Developed as part of the FRAMECAD optimized Flooring System; the FL650 is suitable for large scale multi-level, residential or commercial buildings. Producing dedicated C & U profiles between 250mm (10”) and 305mm (12”) in steel up to 2.5mm BMT thickness.

  • ST800iT

    The ST800iT is a multi-profile system that offers full framing capabilities and is ideal for residential and commercial construction. Compiling of four profiles, three flange heights and six frame and truss tools; the ST800iT produces a range of framing options between 89 (3½")- 203mm (10"), with a gauge range of 0.75-1.60mm (22-16 gauge).

  • ST900iT

    A multi-profile solution for flooring and framing construction, the ideal solution for producing light gauge steel framing and flooring profiles with sizes between 92mm (3⅝" ) and 305mm (12"). Built to handle 0.95 – 2.00mm (20 - 14ga) base metal thickness (BMT), the ST900iT can be used in buildings where structural strength is required.

  • ST1000-1200H

    The FRAMECAD ST series offers a multi profile, heavy duty construction roll-forming system that fulfil the requirements of large scale, multi-purpose projects. It produces an infinite range of section sizes from 50mm (2”) - 300mm (12”) within a steel gauge range of 0.55mm to 2.00mm (24g to 14g) BMT thickness.

  • PEB300

    Producing frames & purlins for portal buildings; the PEB200 has the ability to Ability to roll form C / U / Z and Sigma profiles. The PEB300 provides a truly flexible approach to design and production of PEB and portal framed buildings.

  • FB150i

    Widen your manufacturing and constructing portfolio with the FRAMECAD FB150i Batten (Purlin) machine. A dual profile, dedicated roof batten roll-forming machine, the FB150i is designed for high speed roof batten production.

  • Mobile Factory

    The FRAMECAD Mobile Factory is a completely secure, self-contained steel frame roll-forming production facility that can be located anywhere needed, especially in remote areas with little or no infrastructure. Complete with all the equipment necessary for immediate production, the FRAMECAD Mobile Factory is perfect for time critical jobs, or urgent disaster relief housing and reconstruction projects.

  • Twin Head Decoiler

    The FRAMECAD Twin head decoiler is an option that customers can choose to replace the standard Single head decoiler. This enables customers to always have a spare steel coil loaded on the decoiler which drastically reduces the change over time of coils. This means a big reduction in down time between coil changes for increased production output.

MyFRAMECAD Manufacturing Performance Tools

The FRAMECAD system is the intelligent solution for organizations wanting to deliver large scale production and projects. It uses FRAMECAD® patented technology to give a smart lean-design, engineering and fabrication process.

With internet connectivity and the online access to FRAMECAD business support tools, FRAMECAD roll-forming equipment provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real-time production management, and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency and accuracy.



  • Aged Care Facilities

    FRAMECAD allows developers to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. By supplying rapidly constructed framing components, developers can enjoy the benefits of cost-effective high density construction.

  • Disaster Relief

    The ability to deliver quality social housing products anywhere in the world makes FRAMECAD the perfect design and build solution for disaster relief housing. It provides all the building materials and local training needed to construct safe shelters quickly.

  • Façade

    Façade systems comprise the structural elements that the building envelope is created from, a wide variety of facade treatments and shapes may be created using CFS, including large ribbon windows, curved and inclined walls, solar shading and balconies.

  • Industrial Warehousing

    Flexible, reliable commercial storage and warehousing needs to be built rapidly and affordably to respond to growth. The FRAMECAD System provides everything required to implement this type of commercial construction – from building design to manufacture and onsite training.


  • Douglass Colony showcases speed of FRAMECAD system with 90-unit Sagebrush Apartments

    Geared to attract local residents, Sagebrush is a 90-unit building nestled in the foothills of East Gros Ventre Butte and overlooking Flat Creek. Perfectly situated near downtown Jackson, Sagebrush aims to be one of the most popular complexes in the area — and a project Douglass Colony was proud to work on.

  • FrameTech CFS manufacturing facility

    When FrameTech Systems outgrew their existing manufacturing facility, they knew it was time for a bigger, more flexible space. As experts in cold formed steel (CFS) construction, they also knew exactly which method they would use to bring that space to life. So how did their award-winning CFS facility come to fruition?

  • SBS Apartments and Townhouses

    Having made the switch to FRAMECAD’s automated construction system in April 2016, prefabricated steel framing experts SBS Group have used their FRAMECAD system to make significant savings for their customers whilst delivering an accelerated construction process.

  • Langdon Apartments By SBS Group

    SBS Group are continuously working to deliver exceptional results for their customers in a fast and effective manner. The Langdon Apartments are another great example of their dedication to providing accurate, high quality Cold Formed Steel solutions.


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