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Webinar: Building a Modular Future

Gain insights into the evolving landscape of modular construction. This webinar explores the differences between volumetric and panelized modular construction, addressing challenges and the shift from wood to steel.  

With host Curtis Edgecombe and guest panelists:

  • Audree Grubesic - Founder - Offsite Dirt 
  • Robert J. Maxie - Facilities Manager - Z Modular 
  • Andreas Kilander - Systems Engineer in Sales Australia - FRAMECAD 

Live (or on-demand) webinars are a great way to learn more about the whole FRAMECAD® system, delve into our advanced roll-forming equipment, or get more out of your FRAMECAD® design and engineering software.

Missed out on a live webinar? Don't worry. All FRAMECAD® webinars are available for you to access on-demand by clicking the links below. Scroll down to explore our webinar series. Each one is broken down into handy topics, addressing commonly asked questions, so you can pick and choose what is relevant to you.

  • Hear first-hand from our customers about why they chose the FRAMECAD system for their business, in our new Customer Perspective series.
  • Gain practical tips and tricks about getting the most from your software with our Software Know-How series.
  • Hear about our end-to-end construction system from FRAMECAD America experts in our Ask the Expert series
  • Delve into our software solutions with our Software Deep Dives.

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