Roll Forming Equipment for residential and light commercial cold formed steel or light gauge steel projects


Featuring the same versatility as the F325iT, this machine features an additional 3 tooling stations, allowing for more functionality and versatile frame manufacturing. Producing profiles from 63mm (2.5") to 150mm (6") in steel up to 1.20mm (18g) thickness, the F325iT-L provides unrivalled production speed and accuracy.

The F325iT-L is suited to construct walls, floors and roofs for 1 – 3 Level Residential, Modular & Transportable Units and Light Commercial construction. It can produce roof trusses up to 15m clear span and can be either factory based or transportable in a Mobile Factory.


  • The F325iT-L produces frames, trusses and joists for residential and light commercial building quickly
    and economically.
  • High line speed up to 2880m/hr results in the industry’s best framing and truss manufacturing output.
  • 15 advanced hydraulic and punching functions for high productivity and versatile frame manufacturing of  trusses, walls and joists.
  • An auto gauging system that automatically adjusts gauge range to increase overall productivity for steel thickness from 0.55 -1.20mm (24-18 gauge).
  • Includes hot climate hydraulic cooling system for high temperature operating environments.
  • Smart Internet connectivity provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency.

Additional Functionality and Greater Versatility

The FRAMECAD F325iT-L allows for more functions in the manufacturing process allowing a more efficient manufacturing process for trusses and joists. The advanced technology of FRAMECAD Structure; trusses and joists can be designed and tested against regional building codes and designed to provide the best value for your project.

How much does a FRAMECAD system cost?

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Watch the rapid construction of this residential home using the FRAMECAD System

This single dwelling was completed with the FRAMECAD System. This 358m2 single-storey house is located on a 3037 m2 piece of land. It offers four bedrooms, a study, a veranda, and a double garage. After only 48 hours of detailing using FRAMECAD Structure, the project was fully designed, engineered and constructed within the local building design code.

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