Industrial warehousing

The flexible and reliable nature of the FRAMECAD System allows for fast and precise construction of industrial steel frame warehouse.


Flexible, reliable commercial storage and steel frame warehouse needs to be built rapidly and affordably to respond to growth. The FRAMECAD System provides everything required to implement this type of commercial construction – from building design to manufacture and onsite training.

FRAMECAD industrial solutions offer a wider span ideal for industrial, agricultural and steel structure warehouse facilities. These structures can also be fitted with mezzanine floors, canopies, and cold formed steel interior partitions.


  • Shorter and predictable build times – less impacted by the weather or by the availability of other trades
  • Fewer materials and deliveries to site – delivering panels to site requires far fewer journeys than traditional methods
  • Improved quality and standard of build – by building in a controlled factory environment
  • Easily estimated cost of building
  • Cold formed steel allows for wider span and large open ceilings
  • Suitable for pre-engineered construction
  • Easily assembled using non-skilled labor

Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse

A prefabricated steel structure warehouse is made up of columns and beams, reinforced by secondary components such as round pipes, and angle steels to form the load-bearing system. Lightweight and simply assembled steel structure warehouses provide excellent efficiency and strength while offering flexibility in the form of a customizable layout. For instance, a mezzanine can be configured to accommodate office requirements on top of the standard storage and cargo management space.


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Why choose prefab steel for warehouse buildings?

The key advantages of using cold formed steel when it comes to industrial steel frame warehouse construction is not just limited to build time, ease of delivery, and improved quality. Firstly, steel is the Earth’s most recycled building material, making metal warehouses more environmentally friendly and recyclable than timber-based industrial buildings. Additionally, the prefabricated and light-weight nature of the FRAMECAD steel solution means that relocation is easy should the need to move the warehouse arise.

FRAMECAD Systems for industrial construction



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