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Flooring assemblies

FRAMECAD has a customized range of flooring assemblies for use in a variety of applications
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The FRAMECAD flooring systems use FRAMECAD cold formed steel joists in combination with quality FRAMECAD building materials to produce a rapid and durable flooring system.

UL H510 - 3 hour fire rated assembly 

Suitable for use in mid-rise buildings, multi-family residential, mix-use residential and commercial buildings wherever a 3-hour fire rating is required

FCF2 - Steel webbed joist

FRAMECAD steel webbed joist, Rockwool and FRAMECAD 18mm fiber cement sheeting.

FCF3 - Loadbearing unrestrained floor/ceiling

Framecad steel webbed joist, 5/8” Type-X Gypsum ceiling, 3/4” Jetboard Magnesium Oxide flooring – Use North America only.

FCF1 - 18mm magnesium oxide board flooring

FRAMECAD 18mm magnesium oxide board covering FRAMECAD cold formed steel joists.


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