Prefabricated Construction

Light, accuarate and highly versatile. Cold Formed Steel Prefabrication allows for quick and efficient assembly of Walls, Joists and Trusses

Prefabricated Systems

The highly accurate and accelerated production of the FRAMECAD system means that walls, trusses and joists can be prefabricated off site at rapid speed. The streamlined FRAMECAD roll forming equipment takes up minimal space and allows for easy assembly.

Gain a greater degree of quality control in a factory environment compared to on-site construction. The efficient and accurate nature of prefabrication allows projects to be produced accurately to design and specification. 

Benefits of Prefabricated Systems with FRAMECAD

  • Shorter and predictable build times – not impacted by the weather or by the availability of other trades
  • CFS is a waste-conscious construction methodology and can have a minimum site impact
  • Fewer materials and deliveries to site – delivering modular units and panels to site requires far fewer journeys than traditional methods
  • Safer working conditions – factories provide far more predictable health and safety environments compared to constructing sites
  • Improved Design Capabilities - Working off site allows for complicated engineered designs to be assembled in a controlled environment with high quality management
  • The ability to assemble wall, floor, and trusses sections offsite, and can save as much as 75% off a construction project’s field time

EXAMPLES OF FRAMECAD Prefabricated Systems

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FRAMECAD SYSTEMS FOR Prefabricated Construction

  • J325iT

    As a dedicated roll-forming machine for web joists, the FRAMECAD J325iT features additional punching tools to manufacture web joists up to 40% faster than the rest of the F325iT range. The J325iT allows roll formers to operate a focused web joist line whilst other machines focus on framing and trusses.

  • TM300iT

    The TM300iT has been specially developed as part of the FRAMECAD optimised truss manufacturing system. It produces 75mm standard size C-section trusses designed specifically for maximum strength at minimum cost.

  • P325iT

    Producing wall frames and trusses for pods, modular and residential structures quickly and economically, the FRAMECAD P325iT boasts the industry's fastest automated high line speed of up to 2,880m/hr. Coupled with 12 advanced precision punching functions, this machine delivers high productivity and versatile componentry for roof trusses, walls and floor joists.

  • F450iT

    A rapidly high-performing solution for producing framing and trusses in heavy residential and light commercial buildings. The FRAMECAD F450iT has been designed to handle the heavy gauge steel required to construct 1 to 7 storey structures and outputs 75–150 mm profiles.



  • Remote Construction

    The FRAMECAD Mobile Factory has been designed to enable quick start production on any site. It is ideal for areas with no existing infrastructure and can be delivered via land, sea or air. Complete with all the equipment necessary for immediate production, the FRAMECAD Mobile Factory is perfect for time critical jobs, or urgent disaster relief housing and reconstruction projects.

  • Residential

    Residential housing takes many architectural forms. The versatility of Cold Formed Steel makes it ideal for construction of simple and challenging designs

  • Aged Care Facilities

    FRAMECAD allows developers to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. By supplying rapidly constructed framing components, developers can enjoy the benefits of cost-effective high density construction.

  • Disaster Relief

    The ability to deliver quality social housing products anywhere in the world makes FRAMECAD the perfect design and build solution for disaster relief housing. It provides all the building materials and local training needed to construct safe shelters quickly.

  • Façade

    Façade systems comprise the structural elements that the building envelope is created from, a wide variety of facade treatments and shapes may be created using CFS, including large ribbon windows, curved and inclined walls, solar shading and balconies.

  • Industrial Warehousing

    Flexible, reliable commercial storage and warehousing needs to be built rapidly and affordably to respond to growth. The FRAMECAD System provides everything required to implement this type of commercial construction – from building design to manufacture and onsite training.

  • Institutional Buildings

    The rapid, modern steel frame construction offered by FRAMECAD helps local and central governments construct quality, economical institutional buildings for their communities. Leveraging global reach and experience, FRAMECAD works directly with these agencies and with developers and contractors.

  • Internal Drywall Framing

    Remove the inaccuracies and material waste of traditional CFS stud and track framing and timber systems. Implementing the FRAMECAD system saves time on site and allows precise installation of internal partitioning, apartment and commercial office walls. Engineered to achieve code compliant fire and acoustic ratings, the FRAMECAD system is easy to specify and install.

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