FRAMECAD Estimator

Quote accurately and efficiently without a detailed design

Quote accurately and efficiently without a detailed design

FRAMECAD Estimator is an online A.I enabled software which makes it easy to accurately track opportunities and manage customer project information. Your estimates, quotes and invoices are all managed accurately and efficiently within FRAMECAD Estimator. 

Featuring a cloud-based Project Management Portal, FRAMECAD Estimator provides accurate quoting, job cost management and profit confidence. FRAMECAD Estimator grants you the ability to pre-set your costs, and your terms & conditions, to ensure standardized estimation and quotes for your entire estimation and sales teams.   

Available via the MyFRAMECAD portal, FRAMECAD Estimator is a cost effective solution for tracking, estimating, quoting and invoicing cold formed steel construction projects.  

FRAMECAD Estimator - project management for cold formed steel construction

FRAMECAD Estimator gives you the ability to successfully quote a project without having to complete a detailed design before going to quote, saving both time and design cost. FRAMECAD Estimator provides your team with the confidence of knowing the quote results will be consistent and accurate.  

An all inclusive quoting tool for CFS construction

  • Cloud-based project management portal
    • Manage customer contact details, upcoming projects, quotes & tenders
    • Set cost center for project materials & understand cost distribution for each project
    • Set project and quote status
    • Personalize contact and customer details for quotes
    • Monitor and compare quotes in one location
  • Three levels of quote complexity available – quote according to project complexity
  • Fast: Quote a direct price and enter customer and project details
  • Basic: Quote calculated from predetermined rates and is based on the size of the build and complexity.
  • Standard: Assign equipment, steel type, productivity and other associated costs against the project.
  • Master cost center set up – enable consistency across all variables and projects
    • Assign your steel cost
    • Assign your labor cost and productivity rate
    • Assign your other related materials, e.g. cladding, internal linings, flooring and joinery to project
    • Pre-assign your engineering and services costs
  • Upload and assign associated documents, architectural plans and engineering drawings
  • Set project status – Provide clarity about the project lifecycle
  • Record notes to track progress and customer communication
  • Assign quote inclusions and exclusions
  • Personalized branding, terms & conditions
    • Include your contact details and corporate branding to quote forms
    • Include your Terms and Conditions of Trade
  • Accurate truss costing based on artificial intelligence (A.I) technologies
    FRAMECAD Estimator’s A.I algorithms have learned from over 30 years' real-world construction experience, applying the learned knowledge to estimate your truss project costs with exceptional accuracy.
  • Allocate variable data
    • Project complexity level
    • Transport cost
    • Site access complexity

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  • Aged Care Facilities

    FRAMECAD allows developers to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. By supplying rapidly constructed framing components, developers can enjoy the benefits of cost-effective high density construction.

  • Industrial Warehousing

    Flexible, reliable commercial storage and warehousing needs to be built rapidly and affordably to respond to growth. The FRAMECAD System provides everything required to implement this type of commercial construction – from building design to manufacture and onsite training.

  • Institutional Buildings

    The rapid, modern steel frame construction offered by FRAMECAD helps local and central governments construct quality, economical institutional buildings for their communities. Leveraging global reach and experience, FRAMECAD works directly with these agencies and with developers and contractors.

  • Mid-Rise Residential & Commercial

    CFS construction allows developers to meet tight timelines without compromising on quality and allows fast construction of Mid-Rise buildings including; apartments, commercial office buildings, hotels, aged care facilities and more.

  • Modular Construction

    Modular construction refers to taking factory-produced pre-engineered building units and delivering them to site. They’re then assembled as large elements of a building, the light weight nature of CFS makes modular units to be transported and installed on site in a fast and cost-saving manner.

  • Residential

    Residential housing takes many architectural forms. The versatility of Cold Formed Steel makes it ideal for construction of simple and challenging designs

  • Prefabricated Construction

    The highly accurate and accelerated production of the FRAMECAD system means that walls, trusses and joists can be prefabricated off site at rapid speed. The streamlined FRAMECAD roll forming equipment takes up minimal space and allows for easy assembly.

  • Pods

    Pod Construction offers a number of benefits to project owners, developers, construction companies and builders. Beyond quality management and improved completion time, controlled manufacturing environments and repeatable designs – like prefabricated, bathroom pods – can help you drastically reduce overall cost, simplify construction and improve safety.

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