FRAMECAD pricing enquiry

Gain efficient design and faster construction with the complete FRAMECAD® System.

FRAMECAD - The way the world constructs

As the world’s most advanced end-to-end cold formed steel (CFS) engineering design-and-build system, FRAMECAD gives you the technical tools to accelerate the construction process, increase productivity and enhance on-site accuracy.

At FRAMECAD we understand everyone has different requirements - we are proud to provide custom solutions are suited to your exact needs. Due to the nature of our technology offering the cost of the FRAMECAD system varies depending on the software and manufacturing equipment required to meet your business objectives.

Please fill out the form and tell us about your requirements and applications, and a FRAMECAD technical expert will be in touch to discuss an appropriate solution.   

Let's start talking. Tell us a little bit about your business and objectives.

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