Developing affordable Mozambique housing

The FRAMECAD technology lends itself to ease of quality control. This is especially important when the scale of operations increases” says Anand Ramani from Signature Value Homes.

Date: 05 Nov 2018

Developing affordable Mozambique housing

The Plan

Signature Value Homes Limited, a Mauritius-based company with its corporate office in Dubai, has been in the market for over three years and already enjoys annual revenue of between $8 and $10 million US. Their team of 25 specialises in executing affordable mass housing projects targeting civil servants and other middle income groups across Sub-Saharan Africa. When the opportunity arose to develop 1,200 affordable residential housing units on 189 acres of land in Pemba, Signature Value Homes Limited came on board to execute just that, in partnership with the FFH – ‘Fundo de Fomento da Habitação’, the state housing fund of the Mozambican government.

They decided to partner with FRAMECAD, having used their technology on previous projects and appreciated FRAMECAD’s reliability and excellent customer service. FRAMECAD’s advanced, end-to-end design and build system enables the rapid construction of quality buildings, wherever in the world it’s used. Signature Value utilised FRAMECAD’s design software for the full design and detailing of the units, as well as using their machines and software for the build itself.

In order to maximise efficiency in construction while still maintaining their high standards, the company has specific requirements when it comes to technology. After evaluating over eight different technologies across the world with the help of Mahindra Consulting Engineers, Signature Value’s technical partners, they finally zeroed in on light gauge steel (LGS)-based design and construction. This was clearly the best option due to ease of execution, scalability and cost efficiency.

The Build

Initially, the company constructed two steel-framed sample houses to establish their plans, to ensure all stakeholders knew precisely what they were trying to achieve and to assess the acceptance of this technology-based construction among local customers. The project officially began Phase One construction in October 2015.

As with any project, there have been challenges. In Pemba, Signature has found it difficult to source the required material locally – luckily, FRAMECAD was able to deal with the materials procurement, supplying the steel and fasteners to ensure immediate availability and avoid delays. Additionally, finding local labourers with the needed skillsets has been difficult. Training local labourers does take time – so having systems in place that prioritise efficiency and effectiveness is a key part of successful construction.

Using FRAMECAD has helped Signature Value Homes hugely in this area. “The technology lends itself to ease of quality control. This is especially important when the scale of operations increases” says Anand Ramani from Signature Value Homes. He describes the main advantages of working with FRAMECAD’s light gauge steel as being “versatility, high-quality construction and scalability.”

The FRAMECAD machine that Signature Value purchased was second-hand – but that didn’t mean that FRAMECAD didn’t provide help when it was needed. Mark Phillips of FRAMECAD elaborates: “Signature have received the support of our technicians to ensure the machine can meet the production demands.”

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