Fitzroy Frames: social housing

“The assembling, screwing, stacking and loading of the end product onto the truck, ready to go, can all be done easily by low skilled or even unskilled labour.”

Fitzroy Frames: social housing

Up and running

Eric believes the FRAMECAD Mobile Factory was the perfect solution for getting a factory up and running quickly in such an isolated area. “Being out in the middle of nowhere, the FRAMECAD Mobile Factory suited us just fine because it came with everything we needed and there was no guesswork. We just wanted be able to turn the key and make frames and that’s exactly what happened.

“We had a lot of on-the-ground help from FRAMECAD people, and once the machine was operational and I’d made a few frames, any question marks about the machine’s performance were quickly dispelled. I’m really happy with the machine, absolutely, 100 per cent.

“There have been some small teething problems, but every time I pick up the phone to FRAMECAD, they are always ready to help out and have always got the answers for any problems we might have.”

Keeping the labour local

Fitzroy Frames was initially established to assist with a state government programme to build housing for the indigenous Australians in the vast Kimberley region. As well as providing framing for indigenous homes in the region, Fitzroy Frames is also actively involved in providing indigenous people with skill training and employment opportunities.

Explains Eric: “We make a point of using indigenous labour wherever we can and it’s working out well. We’ve taken on quite a few, teaching them, encouraging them. The assembling, screwing, stacking and loading of the end product onto the truck, ready to go, can all be done easily by low skilled or even unskilled labour.”

Before FRAMECAD Mobile Factory, steel frames had to be trucked in from Perth more than 2500 km away. “Now we don’t have to rely on sub-contractors; there are no delays, we don’t have to put up with excuses. It means we have much greater control.” Eric believes his “factory in the middle of nowhere” has a huge future in the region due to its flexibility and agility, and he is already planning to expand.

Features and benefits

  • FRAMECAD System has accelerated production and increased factory capacity
  • The Mobile Factory can move to where new projects are needed
  • No need to rely on sub-contractors, results in cost savings and fewer delays

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