Prefabricated Pods

Drastically reduce overall cost, simplify construction and improve safety prefabricating pods

Prefabricated Pods

Prefabricated Pods offer a number of benefits to project owners, developers, construction companies and builders. Beyond quality management and improved completion time, controlled manufacturing environments and repeatable designs – like prefabricated, bathroom pods – can help you drastically reduce overall cost, simplify construction and improve safety

Benefits of prefabricated pods with Framecad

  • Can be implemented in geographic locations where traditional methods are not optimum
    Construction in areas with high wind speeds and/or seismic activity, salt-spray zones and other challenging environmental locations will often make traditional methods of construction difficult, uneconomic or unsustainable
  • Sites with confined or restricted access
    In the past, the construction of buildings in difficult access areas or in situations where there is no access to infrastructure, such as disaster zones, has been notoriously difficult to undertake
  • Complex projects where a high degree of quality and control is needed
    Pod solutions in a factory environment exercises a greater degree of planning and control over construction quality compared to on-site workmanship
  • Projects with strict timelines
    CFS Pod construction is faster than traditional methods at every step in the design, specification, manufacture and construction phases of a construction project.

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