Al ain project

Al Ain Residential Complex: A big job easily handled

Al ain project

“The FRAMECAD system has helped us avoid unnecessary delays in the completion of the project.”

Date: 05 Nov 2018

Al Ain Residential Complex: A big job easily handled

Operating in the UAE since 2009, Commodore Steel Industries LLC specialises in residential buildings, from high-end villas to mass accommodation for workers, while also catering for commercial buildings within the retail, hospitality, healthcare and education sectors.

In 2009 Commodore Steel Industries L. L.C. decided to invest in five FRAMECAD manufacturing design build systems, thus enabling their factory to now produce more than 20,000 tons of steel per year.

“The decision to use the world leading FRAMECAD System”, notes FRAMECAD Sales Manager, Henry Haddad, “came as a result of Commodore’s research for an advanced end-to-end cold-formed steel design and build solution. Key decision making criteria were state of the art, fully automated manufacturing equipment, fully integrated software solutions for designing, engineering and detailing their buildings, a local office that could provide them with training and design support services and a stock of building products for their building requirements.”

Kayahan Karaarslan, Managing Director at Commodore Steel Industries, adds that the company is eager to “build communities and provide unique lifestyles for the UAE market in the most environmentally friendly and economical way. The productivity of FRAMECAD machines integrated with FRAMECAD intelligent software suite for an error-free construction and coupled with the simplicity of installation on-site results in substantial savings – this in turn makes us more competitive within the market.”

“Further”, Karaarslan continues “using FRAMECAD System has helped us avoid unnecessary delays in the completion of the project which has in turn led to an increase in the productivity of our team members and a reduction in the project duration and costs.”

Al Ain Residential Complex: A big job easily handled

One of Commodore Steel Industries’ latest projects, Al Ain Residential Complex was conceptualised to cater for the needs of the expanding expatriate population in Al-Ain city, and manufactured using a mix of cold-formed steel and hot rolled structural steelwork. The 94-building project comprises 424 units in a variety of styles and luxury apartments ranging from 140sqm to 170sqm, and includes a health club and recreational facilities.

Concerning the flexibility and ease of use of the FRAMECAD system within the project, Kais Al Khafaji, QHSE Manager of Commodore Steel Industries, states that “with the completion of Al-Ain Residential Complex for our client H.H. Sheikha Wadima Bin Saeed Bin Shakhbut Al Nahyan, we were able to demonstrate that Commodore can easily tailor manufacturing processes to the community’s building requirements with our own manufacturing facility based in Abu Dhabi and using FRAMECAD’s integrated cold-formed steel system that allows accurate and easy project planning and budgeting”.

Al ain project

Green light for FRAMECAD system with Abu Dhabi Building Codes

The use of new building materials, designs and methods was approved by the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) in 2012 and adopted into the new Abu Dhabi International Building Codes, in turn based on the International Building Codes (IBC).

With the introduction of new materials being authorised for use in building projects, Nader El-Hajj, FRAMECAD Director of Business Development summarises how FRAMECAD system assimilates easily within the revised building codes:

“Commodore Steel Industries’ engineers relied on FRAMECAD software suite to design and detail the buildings of Al Ain Residential Complex from the layout to the shop drawing phase. FRAMECAD ProDesign performs structural design and analysis that conforms to the IBC which is the adopted code by the Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM). Using the IBC simplified and expedited the approval process through the private consultants and ADM. FRAMECAD also supplied Commodore Steel Industries with a range of building materials used for the buildings’ structure that conformed to the IBC code and ASTM standards such as steel coils, fasteners, and connectors.”

Framed construction, a more sustainable way to build

With the UAE government’s new direction towards green buildings, Commodore Steel Industries and their use of FRAMECAD technology have leveraged their place within the ‘green market’.

Al Khafaji reiterates at Commodore Steel Industries, we fully embrace sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives for green buildings by using the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) for the buildings’ exterior wall cladding to provide a finished surface with high thermal performance, moisture protection qualities, more prefabrication and fewer wet trades.”

These considerable up front and whole of life cost savings, combined with the eco-friendly nature of the product, has placed Commodore Steel Industries in a preferential position when it comes to tendering for projects within the market.

FRAMECAD: Around the Clock Support

The support received from the FRAMECAD team was second to none. Karaarslan says that specifically “FRAMECAD’s Middle East office located in Dubai provides the support required throughout the project stages by offering design services, technical support, preventive site and factory visits and building materials’ supply chain.”

“FRAMECAD’s knowledgeable team encompasses experts in all fields whether on the sales, technical, operational or logistics level. Their technical team were always available to answer our enquiries and support us by providing the help and knowledge that we required to complete our projects without delay.”

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