Antioch Investment SRL

Antioch Investment SRL


We are ANTIOCH INVESTMENT, an active company in the field of construction in Romania since 2010. We carry out the execution of the industrial and dwelling projects.

We own FRAMECAD technology (F325 iT equipment, designed to offer increased production speed, greater flexibility and increased reliability in Residential and Light Commercial Projects), building on lightweight profiles from 2015, when we had many projects on the territory of Romania, Sweden, Germany and Republic of Nauru.

We have made halls, hotels, gas stations, overburden projects, garages, houses and interior compartments (which are suitable for this type of construction system). At the moment we have several projects in progress: dwellings coupled in Tunari (in the complex we own Mira Residence), 200sqm home in Balaceanca, attic block in Slatina 600mp, hall 300sqm in Stefanesti, 800sqm car wash hall in Bucharest.


Phone: +40722696947




Antioch Investment SRL

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