Features additional punching blocks to manufacture web joists and lintels 40% faster than the rest of the F325iT range.


As a dedicated roll-forming machine for web joists, the J325iT features additional punching blocks to manufacture up to 40% faster than the rest of the F325iT range. The J325iT allows roll formers to operate a focused web joist line whilst other machines focus on framing and trusses.
The J325iT is an intelligent choice to ensure maximum production efficiency.


  • The J325iT produces web joists for use in residential and commercial applications. It manufactures the members for a webbed joist 40% faster than a standard F325iT, which is significantly quicker than other equipment on the market.
  • Individual punches operate together for fast manufacturing of joists.
  • 13 advanced precision punching functions for high productivity, and versatile components production such as trusses, walls and joists.
  • An auto gauging system that automatically adjusts gauge range to increase overall productivity and quality.
  • Hot climate hydraulic cooling system to perform in high temperature operating environments and large scale production facilities.
  • Smart internet connectivity provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency.

Manufacture Joists up to 40% Faster with FRAMECAD J325iT

FRAMECAD has created the world’s most efficient design and manufacturing technology for floor joist construction as well as steel trusses.



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