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The FRAMECAD Advantage. Unparalleled Metal Building Systems

The end-to-end steel building system for engineered design, roll-forming technology, and construction of cold formed steel structures

Screen showing CAD software

The world’s most advanced end-to-end cold-formed steel building system, FRAMECAD gives you the technical tools to accelerate the construction process, increase productivity, and accuracy and reduce labor costs.


FRAMECAD Steel Framing System Overview

FRAMECAD's end-to-end system for cold formed steel construction delivers more efficient design, faster construction and increased profitability. Learn more about how FRAMECAD metal framing systems work.

How much does a FRAMECAD System cost?

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Watch the rapid construction of this residential home using the FRAMECAD’s steel building systems

This single dwelling was completed with FRAMECAD metal building systems. This 358m2 single-story house is located on a 3037 m2 piece of land. It offers four bedrooms, a study, a veranda, and a double garage. After only 48 hours of detailing using FRAMECAD Structure, the project was fully designed, engineered and constructed within the local building design code.

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