FRAMECAD steel products conform to internationally approved standards and specifications to ensure quality construction.

Cold formed steel construction is an advanced and precise system using the latest technology. As with all advanced technology the use of materials with the correct specifications is essential to ensure the total system will function efficiently and as designed.

Using materials proven to comply to specification not only protects your equipment and the precision of the system, it determines the integrity of the dwelling or commercial structure to be built.

All FRAMECAD Steel consists of a galvanized coating that provides specialized rust protection. Through its sacrificial galvanic action, can “heal” cuts, scratches and abrasions in the steel.


With the rough handling that construction products receive, as well as the cutting, drilling, shearing and fastening of members, the galvanized coating provides a superior protection compared to enamel coated products especially when they are cut or scratched.

FRAMECAD Steel with proven quality levels will give the engineer, specifier and final customer confidence in the long term integrity of their project.

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FRAMECAD Steel complies to the following International Standards correspond in full or in part to the manufacturing and processing of material dimensions listed Below:

ISO 3575:2005 Continuous hot-dip zinc-coated carbon steel sheet of commercial and drawing qualities.

ISO 4998:2011 Continuous hot-dip zinc-coated carbon steel sheet of structural quality

ISO 1460:1992 Metallic coatings - Hot dip galvanised coatings on ferrous materials - Gravimetric determination of the mass per unit area.


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FRAMECAD Steel typical property ranges


FRAMECAD 350 is ideal for multilevel structures, industrial applications or high capacity designs where the use of framing made with 1.55 to 2.6mm steel is common.

While FRAMECAD 350 is also suitable for use in high seismic regions or where local building codes require minimum elongation requirements, it is recommended that FRAMECAD 500 be used for this application.




FRAMECAD 500 is the ideal steel specification for all structural steel framing applications and is a suitable substitute in any projects where FRAMECAD 350 or FRAMECAD 550 had previously been used.

FRAMECAD 500 will ensure compliance to all major Building Code and Standard requirements and build conditions due to its ideal combination of high tensile strength and excellent elongation and ductility.




FRAMECAD 550 is the ideal steel specification for all structural steel framing applications to provide benefits in transportables and modular projects, high volume social housing, bespoke architectural designs or even light commercial applications.

FRAMECAD 550 will allow compliance to all major Building Codes and Standards by ensuring your frames
offer the highest capacities required.

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Ben Hatcher, from the New Zealand building company Team Builders 2000, talks about the benefits and advantages of using cold formed steel framing, and why he enjoys working with the FRAMECAD team.


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