The FRAMECAD roofing sub assemblies utilize quality building materials and are designed to offer high quality roofing systems.

Below are a number of the roofing sub assemblies that we provide, if you require anything specific please contact us. We are more than happy to help find you the information you are after.



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Manufacturing Equipment

  • FB150i

    Widen your manufacturing and constructing portfolio with the FRAMECAD FB150i Batten (Purlin) machine. A dual profile, dedicated roof batten roll-forming machine, the FB150i is designed for high speed roof batten production.

  • PEB300

    Producing frames & purlins for portal buildings; the PEB200 has the ability to Ability to roll form C / U / Z and Sigma profiles. The PEB300 provides a truly flexible approach to design and production of PEB and portal framed buildings.

  • ST800iT

    The ST800iT is a multi-profile system that offers full framing capabilities and is ideal for residential and commercial construction. Compiling of four profiles, three flange heights and six frame and truss tools; the ST800iT produces a range of framing options between 89 (3½")- 203mm (10"), with a gauge range of 0.75-1.60mm (22-16 gauge).

  • ST1000-1200H

    The FRAMECAD ST series offers a multi profile, heavy duty construction roll-forming system that fulfil the requirements of large scale, multi-purpose projects. It produces an infinite range of section sizes from 50mm (2”) - 300mm (12”) within a steel gauge range of 0.55mm to 2.00mm (24g to 14g) BMT thickness.

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