Stratus Steel

Stratus Steel

Delhi, India

Stratus Steel was founded by Mr. Vidur Chandra with the purpose of providing well engineered light gauge steel frames (LGSF).

Stratus Steel also provides LGSF design support and an array of comprehensive back-end support for all LGSF projects. It is a forward integration of MGI India that specifically caters to the LGSF space.

By partnering with Stratus you get the following advantages:

  • Largest installed capacity in India having 3 FRAMECAD machines capable of producing both 89 & 150mm sections.
  • All India presence by having two dedicated manufacturing facilities in Pune, Maharashtra & Nalagargh, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Ten-year design & LGSF manufacturing expertise along with networking opportunities with our various partners in the LGSF industry.


Stratus Steel

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