About SteelBiltt


Sandy, Utah, USA

SteelBiltt specializes in a complete end-to-end system for rapid and accurate construction of cold formed steel applications. Utilizing light gauge steel, SteelBiltt manufactures trusses, floor joists, and wall panels for use in the residential, multifamily, and commercial construction industries.

Advanced construction technologies employed by SteelBiltt hold many advantages over traditional construction techniques. The SteelBiltt design and build methodology is all about the rapid construction of quality buildings and delivers a faster return on investment and new business opportunities.

Advantages of the SteelBiltt System:

-Up to 50% faster to construct

-Up to 70% lighter than wood

-Cut to precise specifications, for more accurate construction

-Stronger and more durable

-Mold, termite, and fire resistant


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