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Cold formed steel construction

Steel Tech Group


Steel Tech Group produces light gauge steel structures for steel framing construction companies in Argentina. Based on the FRAMECAD manufacturing system we are able to produce structures for high end residential houses, social housing, light commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools and kindergartens and also small to medium commercial centers.

Located in Campana, province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, Steel Tech Group is a company specialized in manufacturing lightweight steel structure buildings.Equipped with the latest FRAMECAD technologies, we can efficiently and accurately produce galvanized cold form structures. Our company, offers flexible solutions to design, produce and install steel framing structures. Any questions, please feel free to contact

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Breaking new ground in Ezeiza with Steel Tech Group

For Steel Tech Group, Argentina’s leading manufacturer of galvanized steel panels for steel framing, cold formed steel was the undeniable option for a flagship housing complex in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires.

Steel Tech Group

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