Steel Industries Project 1 Kupiano

Steel Industries - PNG

Steel Industries Project 1 Kupiano

About Steel Industries

Papua New Guinea

Steel Industries was established as a steel fabrication business in Port Moresby on 23 January 1967. Soon after, the company branched out into the merchandising of steel products and now provides the largest range of steel products and fasteners in PNG offering over 6000 line items of steel, fasteners, and associated hardware to their clients. Steel Industries also acts as a distributor for locally manufactured steel building products.

The fabrication business specialises in structural steel projects of all shapes and sizes working closely with all major companies in the construction industry. Our work includes PMV canopies, truck trays, bodies & accessories, trailers & water tanks as well as general steel fabrication work. 

Steel Industries Project 1 Kupiano

Steel Industries can provide certified design drawings using the most sophisticated drawing applications on the market. The Company also produces cold formed lightweight steel building frames using the FRAMECAD computer aided design manufacturing system.


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