Septa General Contracting

Septa General Contracting

Middle East/India

Septa General Contracting focuses on offering construction contracting services to the low-mid rise residential, commercial and institutional sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Septa focuses on implementing cutting-edge construction technologies that provide superior, more efficient solutions to our clients needs so they can realize better return on investment. Septa operate as a design-build contractor, taking care of all project tasks in order to deliver turn-key solutions. Septa aims to build faster, efficient and sustainable buildings without compromising quality.

Become one of the leading companies driving the construction revolution in the region. Septa are a leader in the adoption of cold formed steel framing technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and have been approved by the Saudi Arabia’s Municipalities to use this system in the residential and commercial sectors due to its advantages over conventional construction in many construction applications

Septa General Contracting


  • F325iT

    The FRAMECAD F325iT is a highly versatile member of the FRAMECAD manufacturing system. Designed to offer increased production speed, greater flexibility and increased reliability, the F325iT roll-forming machine is best suited for residential and light commercial projects.

  • Structure

    Save time and investment with engineering design software for cold formed steel structures, with the world's most code compliant system for cold formed steel.

  • Applications

    Designed using specialist computer-aided CAD design and engineering software, the FRAMECAD System allows for cold formed steel to be implemented across a variety of construction applications

  • Screen showing CAD software

    FRAMECAD System

    FRAMECAD is an advanced, end-to-end design and build system enabling the rapid construction of quality buildings for businesses, governments and communities worldwide.

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