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Hodgson Homes - UK

Hodgson Homes Photo 4

Hodgson Homes - United Kingdom

Norfolk, United Kingdom


A J Hodgson & Sons Ltd (now known as LTS consultancy) is a leading fabricator, supplier and installer of architectural steelwork, structural steelwork, metal sheeting, stairs and balustrades. However, in recent years the family business has evolved and adapted to modern methods of construction under the name of Hodgson Homes.

With an estimating department, drawing office, a large manufacturing facility and a team of site erectors, Hodgson Homes can help you with your project from start to finish. The individual departments work closely together to ensure all its clients’ needs are met and that all projects run smoothly, with no delays and within budget.

The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast modern methods. Cold Formed Steel can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings. By combining modern and traditional methods of construction, Hodgson Homes can assist with all elements of the build, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise your project will be in the best hands.


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