About AUKLAN a.s.

Brno, Czech Republic

The company AUKLAN a.s. was founded in 2022 as a new construction brand in a group of companies - makers and manufacturers of steel components and semi-finished products for various industries. We are based in the middle of Central Europe, which is quite a strategic location for the whole region with easy access to road transport, rail freight, air freight (in a radius of 150 km we have three international airports - Brno (BRQ), Vienna (VIE) and Bratislava (BTS) and even sea freight is in a reasonable distance from our factory (Port of Hamburg).

As the first company in the Czech Republic, we are bringing the Framecad technology to the Czech customers. Our business is focused mainly on up to two-storey residential buildings but because of the high demand for other construction products in the Czech market, we can offer various services and products.


Thanks to our close group of companies' cooperation, we can say, that we have the steel coils always in-house ready for processing, which can speed up the manufacturing process and shorten the production time. This is also beneficial for the environment and lowers our carbon footprint.


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