Steel Frame 1

Atlanta MBS - Netherlands

Steel Frame 1

Atlanta MBS, Netherlands


At Atlanta-MBS we produce prefab steel frame elements in the Netherlands

We engineer and produce clad steel frame structures in our factory, which is located in Klazienaveen.

Steel frame construction is on the rise and that makes sense: the product is extremely suitable for all challenges faced by contemporary construction: more efficient, shorter build time, passive, tight, energy-neutral, and earthquake-resistant construction. All in 1 construction concept, and affordable too.

All parts of the steel frame houses are completely designed on the drawing board and produced in our factory.

This makes building a new home:

  • Less dependent on weather conditions
  • Dimensionally stable, necessary for building ajar and airtight
  • Built in a short time
Steel Frame 1

Why Steel Frame Construction?

  • House automation is made a lot cheaper, shrink and stretch free, and you have more design freedom.
  • Less electromagnetic radiation occurs or is generated in a steel frame house. This is because all walls, floors and roofs are grounded with the ground on which the house stands.
  • The Faraday cage does not apply to the steel frame, the steel is only inside the walls.
  • Light prefab steel frame construction systems cause considerably less nitrogen and Co2 emissions.


Atlanta MBS

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