Trusses & roof types

The FRAMECAD System can be used to manufacture a range of trusses which in turn create a variety of different roof types.


This page contains a selection of some of typical trusses and roof types which the FRAMECAD system produces, If you need more information please contact us

Gable roof - A gable roof has two pitched planes either side of a building, meeting at a common ridge which form an end vertical face (gable end).
Hip end truss - A hip roof is a roof type where the roof planes pitch up from each wall and meets at a common ridge.

Standard truss - A truss that is used to support roofing battens or purlins, in conventional construction.

Girder truss - This truss is designed to support multiple other trusses in a variety of roofing applications.

Truncated truss - A standard truss with the top cord cut short and the truss apex removed.
Half truss - A truss that is supporting roof battens or purlins. 

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    Save time and investment with engineering design software for cold formed steel structures, with the world's most code compliant system for cold formed steel.

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