Internal Walls & Ceilings

FRAMECAD has a customized range of internal wall and ceiling sub assembilies for use in a variety of applications

The FRAMECAD system can produce internal walls & ceilings to fit a large range of building designs. This page contains a variety of different sub assemblies that can be implemented in your projects.

FC PW 1 - FRAMECAD Magnesium Oxide Board

FRAMECAD Magnesium Oxide Board lining both sides of the FRAMECAD cold formed steel interior frames, with optional Rockwool insulation

FC PW 2 -FRAMECAD 15mm Fire Resistant Gypsum

Consisting of FRAMECAD 15mm Fire Resistant Gypsum, steel framing and Rockwool

FC PW 3 - FRAMECAD 9mm Fibre Cement

FRAMECAD 9mm Fibre Cement and steel framing

FC PW 4- FRAMECAD 6mm Fibre Cement

Consisting of FRAMECAD 6mm Fibre Cement Sheeting and Steel framing

FC PW 5 - FRAMECAD 6mm Fibre Cement

FRAMECAD 6mm Fibre Cement sheeting and steel framing

FC PW 6 - FRAMECAD 15mm Fire Resistant Gypsum board

Double layer of FRAMECAD 15mm Fire Resistant Gymsum board, steel framing and Rockwool

FC C 1 - FRAMECAD 9mm Magnesium Oxide Board

FRAMECAD 9mm Magnesium Oxide Board over FRAMECAD Ceiling battens, optional Glass wool for insulation.

FC C2 - 9mm Gypsum - Internal Ceiling

Consisting of 9mm Gymsum board, ceiling battens and rockwook (optional)

FC C3 - FRAMECAD 15mm Fire Resistant Gypsum

FRAMECAD 15mm Fire resistant Gypsum board, Rockwool, and Ceiling Battens

FCPW7 Non Loadbearing wall system 60 min Fire Rating

Framecad two way 60 min fire rated partition system with ½” Jet Board – Use North America only

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  • F325iT

    The F325iT is a highly versatile member of the FRAMECAD manufacturing system. Designed to offer increased production speed, greater flexibility and increased reliability; The F325iT roll forming machine is best suited for Residential and Light Commercial projects.

  • F325iT-L

    Featuring the same versatility as the F325iT, this machine features an additional 3 tooling stations in the punch block, allowing for more functionality and detailed frame manufacturing.

  • F450iT

    A rapidly high performing solution for producing framing and trusses in heavy residential and light commercial buildings. The F450iT has been designed to handle the heavy gauge steel required to construct 1 to 7 storey structures and outputs 75mm – 150mm profiles.

  • J325iT

    As a dedicated roll forming machine for Web Joists; the J325iT features additional punching tools to manufacture Web Joists up to 40% faster than the rest of the F325iT range. The J325iT allows roll formers to operate a focused Web Joist line whilst other machines focus on framing and trusses.

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