Design Support

The expert team of designers and detailers at FRAMECAD® are available for support throughout the design and build process, from advice of a general nature to detailing of an entire project.

Design Support

General Design Guidance and Advice

The FRAMECAD® design team is available to answer questions about a design such as design methodology, design guidance and the carrying out of design reviews.

The FRAMECAD Design Services team can also provide general guidance on the process required to meet local standards, regulations, laws, or building codes.

Pre-Engineering Verification Checks

The engineers of FRAMECAD® are able to assess the details and designs prior to engineering verification in order to streamline the approval process.

This is a time efficient and cost effective way of improving designs before they are assessed and approved on their engineering merit.

Custom Designs Produced by FRAMECAD

As well as general guidance, FRAMECAD® is available to carry out all design and detailing required on a project. For optimal results, FRAMECAD’s Design team will become involved in your project early on, but can also carry out detailing and design work for you once architectural plans have been done. FRAMECAD’s Design team can also convert a design from another framing material to cold formed steel framing.