Construction Support

The FRAMECAD® Design and Build system has been designed to make construction as simple and quick as possible. FRAMECAD offers construction support in the form of training and customised one-on-one support so that you and your team are able to construct your project as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible.

Construction Support

Construction Training Programmes

FRAMECAD offers training programmes on factory production and onsite construction and site management, which can be tailored to your construction needs. Our expert FRAMECAD trainers will come on to your site and assess the construction training requirements of your team, and carry out the onsite training. Training Programmes include:  

  • Factory and Production Training which covers installation and machine commissioning; basic framing training, a step-by-step guide to factory set up and frame assembly
  • Onsite Construction and Site Management Training which teaches site erection, construction packs, construction plans, marking out of slab/floor, frame handling, construction order and guidelines, and time management.

Customised Construction Consultancy

FRAMECAD’s expert team is able to consult on a project basis on how best to construction using cold formed steel. A customised package can be put together to meet your project’s needs.