FRAMECAD® ZAM Coil has corrosion resistance is 10 to 20 times better than standard galvanised coil and 5 to 8 times better than Galvalume coil.

Galvanised Coil

Hot dipped galvanized coil typical thickness is from 0.5mm to 3.0 mm. It is obtained by passing cold rolled coil through a molten zinc bath, in order to coat the steel with a thin layer of zinc to provide corrosion resistance. Typical width is from 100 to 1200 mm. *Galvanised slit coil steel for optimal use in FRAMECAD steel roll forming machinery.


Colorcote® pre-painted metal roofing and cladding give you an almost limitless choice of colour – with more than 70 colours to choose from.

Hollow Steel Sections

Hollow Sections, Tubes and Pipes come in black, hot dip galvanised and pre-galvanised finishes. Hollow sections, Tubes and Pipes are used for various applications like structural purposes, carrying gas, oil or other fluids.