Steel Frame Solutions

Steel Frame Solutions. Auckland NZ.

Auckland, New Zealand

Steel Frame Solutions manufacture LGS using The FRAMECAD software suite which integrates design, engineering calculations, structural analysis, detailing and roll forming machine control. Providing extreme accuracy and efficiencies in the construction process, reducing costs of engineering, design, waste and labour.

We manufacture Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems for commercial and residential housing, transportable buildings, kit homes, factories, pods, facades, office fitouts and more.

We design and fabricate all our LGS wall panels and steel trusses complete with PS1 and PS4 from our 3rd party engineers and a 50-Year Durability Statement from NZ Steel.

Today, it’s all about delivering better returns on investment, faster build times and creating ongoing business partnerships.

Steel wall frames

Each one of our wall frames is individually engineered which gives the homeowner, builder and architect peace of mind. Our steel frames are strong and precise contributing significantly lighter weight building structures. Steel frames are non-combustible, 100% free from chemicals and 100% recyclable.

Roof truss /Roof Panel systems

Our steel roof trusses/roof panel systems are fully engineered, light weight and easy to install. They are prefabricated and can suit any roof design. The high strength of steel ensures durability and very quick installation saving valuable time and money.

Flooring systems

Our steel joist design provides the perfect solution for mid-floor’s. Not only do our flooring systems offer the architect or designer greater span options, they also present sub trades with greater flexibility with services within the web design.


Steel Frame Solutions

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