ECOstavby OK, s.r.o.

ECOstavby OK, s.r.o.

Europe - Slovakia

The original company was founded in 2007 in the middle of Slovakia and has years of experience in different kinds of construction industries. However, in 2017 it went through a radical transformation. The company has changed its name to ECOstavby OK and focused on pursuing its new vision - to bring the extraordinarily fast and efficient FRAMECAD light steel frame construction system to the region.

Equipped with the latest FRAMECAD technologies, this young, innovative and progressive Slovakian team provides high-quality expertise and service experience throughout the whole construction process. From the preliminary design through the manufacturing of the cold-formed steel frames to the final on-site assembly.
There is a wide range of uses of light-gauge steel structures:

  • Up to 3-storey buildings of any kind
  • Various other products - such as tiny-houses, garden sheds, interior wall assemblies, roof trusses, kitchen/garden bar tables etc.

ECOstavby OK, s.r.o.

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