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At Bîldtek, We believe in intelligent building. We use building information modelling (BIM) and the FRAMECAD manufacturing process to produce structures of cold-formed steel for residential and commercial construction.

BîldTEK increases productivity and construction quality by integrating design and production technology to build efficient structures with light-gauge steel framing.

Our Smart Steel Framing offers flexibility for light-gauge steel framing design. It’s an easy way to build, even in combination with traditional cement, block, or hot-formed steel: home, office, commercial structures or buildings up to three-levels.



  • BîldTEK-Building a revolution

    Central America’s first stand alone steel frame manufacturing plant is open for business, leading Costa Rica into a new age of building.

  • F325iT

    The FRAMECAD F325iT is a highly versatile member of the FRAMECAD manufacturing system. Designed to offer increased production speed, greater flexibility and increased reliability, the F325iT roll-forming machine is best suited for residential and light commercial projects.

  • Structure

    Save time and investment with engineering design software for cold formed steel structures, with the world's most code compliant system for cold formed steel.

  • Detailer

    FRAMECAD Detailer is a versatile CAD package with world-leading detailing flexibility. Detailer makes it quick and easy to produce designs for automated production.

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