FRAMECAD Structure

Save time with the world's most code compliant engineering design software for cold formed steel structures.

FRAMECAD Structure makes real-time engineering calculations as the designs are created - analyzing loads, deflections and other forces - making it an easy process to optimize building code compliance whilst delivering best value engineering practices.

Based on the powerful IntelliCAD platform FRAMECAD Structure is an integrated engineering package, that saves you time and money. Completing over 25,000 engineering calculations per square meter of roof and walls in just seconds, FRAMECAD Structure improves your engineering time by up to 80%.

Using our simple plug-in, FRAMECAD Revlink, allows you to work seamlessly between Revit and FRAMECAD Structure, secure in the knowledge that you always have one complete model available. The integration between platforms is two-way and very fast to run, speeding up the engineering and design processes.



  • Universal design format
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Instant engineering analysis
  • Fast and customised to your needs
  • Easy layout, with enhanced user experience for faster navigation
  • Design Codes available are United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, China, Euro, Russia, Brazil, South Africa
  • Based on the powerful IntelliCAD platform
  • IFC and ACSI (SAT) file formats available for BIM software compatibility
  • The world's most compliant engineering software for cold formed steel
  • Imperial and metric functionality
  • FRAMECAD Structure is suitable worldwide and complies with Building Codes for United States, Europe, China, Australia/New Zealand, Russia, Brazil, Canada & South Africa
  • Includes deep C Joist engineering and detailing.
  • Value engineering reporting for cost-effective design analysis
  • Fast 64-bit processor
* We recommend running our FRAMECAD software on systems running a minimum of Microsoft Windows 10. If you have any concerns please contact a FRAMECAD Representative

How to use FRAMECAD Structure, Watch our Webinar

FRAMECAD® Structure makes real time engineering calculations as the designs are created, analysing loads, deflections and other forces, making it an easy process to check for compliant engineering.

The software generates a design checklist which is automatically generated based on the building code and other factors. The enhanced 3D view displays framing components and an easy step-by-step Truss, Joint and Wall builders.

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