FRAMECAD Detailer Trial

Accelerate the detailing process with the world's most versatile 3D CAD based design detailing software for cold formed steel construction

An integral part of the world's most compliant cold formed steel manufacturing system, FRAMECAD Detailer enables you to automatically transfer design information from architectural detail into framing layout and onto production.

Fill in the form today and discover the Way the World Constructs with FRAMECAD.

FRAMECAD Detailer Free 30-Day Trial


  • Software

    Intelligent FRAMECAD CAD software streamlines engineering, designing and detailing processes, ensuring buildings can be rapidly designed and built. Allows for easy duplication, while being strong, durable and code compliant.

  • Manufacturing equipment

    FRAMECAD has created the world’s most efficient design and manufacturing technology for roll-forming steel trusses, joists and frames. FRAMECAD Systems are the intelligent choice for organizations wanting to deliver large scale production and projects.


    The world's only end-to-end cloud based customer portal for supporting cold formed steel framing operations. This interactive system provides all the tools and applications you'll need to better manage your business and improve productivity.

  • Support Services

    We provide the knowledge and support to empower our customers to get the very best from their FRAMECAD System. Our support, commissioning and servicing programs are developed to maintain productivity for your business.

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