Advanced Cold Formed Steel Production software, FRAMECAD Factory allows seamless integration from FRAMECAD Detailer to your manufacturing equipment

An advanced Production software for Cold Formed Steel, FRAMECAD Factory 2 allows seamless integration from FRAMECAD Detailer to your FRAMECAD roll forming equipment. The high contrast, touch-operational screens on FRAMECAD roll forming equipment allows FRAMECAD Factory to be operated from the production floor, maintaining complete control of the manufacturing process.

Wireless network connection from FRAMECAD manufacturing equipment enables FRAMECAD Factory to provide live production data to the MyFRAMECAD platform which assists with business management and helps identify production effciencies.

  • Optimised panel layout and intuitive user experience.
  • Expanded operator-login functionality.
  • Downtime tracking options.
  • Advanced Coil ID tracking, including remote Coil ID tracking and the ability to enter a Coil ID after a Coil Change.
  • Highlights configuration conflicts between roll forming equipment set-up and specifications of the design file being run.
  • Automatically print design, materials and production information on the frames.
  • Easy to use high contrast touch screen makes viewing frames as they are run easy and clear.
  • The event log saves all interactions on the FRAMECAD manufacturing system.
  • File format features allow for time saving, enhance tooling accuracy and improved constructability.

Compatible with FRAMECAD Detailer & FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel manufacturing equipment

Complete Integration

WiFi enabled the innovative technology of FRAMECAD factory 2 allows real time data to be recorded by My Production. This helps FRAMECAD customers turn production data into powerful business insights, gain better control of output and results, and enable them to optimise production from anywhere in the world.


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