ST1000 & ST1200H

Multi profile, heavy duty construction roll-forming systems for large scale, multi-purpose projects


The FRAMECAD ST series offers a multi profile, heavy duty construction roll-forming system that fulfil the requirements of large scale, multi-purpose projects. It produces an infinite range of section sizes from 50mm (2”) - 300mm (12”) within a steel gauge range of 0.55mm to 2.00mm (24g to 14g).

The FRAMECAD ST system features an advanced automatic servo-adjusted roll-forming bed, allowing a profile change from stud to plate almost instantaneously. It’s the ultimate flexibility in profile production. The ST series is especially efficient in steel usage due to its innovative dual shear arrangement which eliminates coil waste during production and coil changes.


  • The ST1000-1200H is the perfect solution for multi profile construction projects for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. With a heavy duty gauge capacity up to 2mm, it is ideal for manufacturing wall frames, wide spanning roof trusses or long spanning floor joists.
  • Automated high line speed up 1,600m/hr (5,250ft/hr), Walls 275m/hr, Roof trusses 275m/hr, Webbed joists 260m/hr, C section joists 640m/hr.
  • 6 advanced precision punching functions for high productivity and versatile components production.
  • A simple and intuitive gauging system allows for quick change of gauges between 0.55 - 2.0mm (24 - 14 gauge) steel.
  • 5.75m long gravity conveyor exit table with side discharge rails.
  • Smart internet connectivity provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency.


How much does a FRAMECAD system cost?

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The FRAMECAD Construction Methadology

What is design lead tachnology and how does it improve the construction process? This informative video on the FRAMECAD construction methadology explains all.


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