Dual profile, dedicated roof batten roll-forming machine


Widen your manufacturing and constructing portfolio with the FRAMECAD FB150i Batten (Purlin) machine. A dual profile, dedicated roof batten roll-forming machine, the FB150i is designed for high speed roof batten production and it's rapid output and automatic adjustment between profiles allows for real time assembly in line with production.

Its roof batten profile is particularly useful for leveling surfaces and thermal cavities. The FB150i offers the opportunity for greater value engineering and cost efficiencies due to its dual optimized profiles.


  • The FB150i produces two versatile batten profiles to support wide ranges of external and internal cladding systems such as concrete tiles, steel sheeting or fiber cement boards.
  • Automated high line speed Up to 1,200m/hr (4,000ft/hr) results in high productivity allowing you to improve your factory output and increase your return on investment within a very short time.
  • A dual profile fabrication system for roof & ceiling battens, manufacturing roof battens of 40x87.5mm
    (1.57x3.45”) and ceiling battens of 22x61mm (0.87x2.4”), both with safety edges.
  • A simple and intuitive gauging system allows for quick change of gauges between 0.40 - 0.80mm (26 - 22 gauge) steel.
  • The FB150i system is an integrated part of the highly efficient FRAMECAD manufacturing solution in order to fulfil all your Cold Formed Steel production needs.
  • Qualified global technical support & training expertise.


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This single dwelling was completed with the FRAMECAD System. This 358m2 single-storey house is located on a 3,037 m2 piece of land. It offers four bedrooms, a study, a veranda, and a double garage. After only 48 hours of detailing using FRAMECAD Structure, the project was fully designed, engineered and compliant with the local design code.


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