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With a focus on ongoing innovation, FRAMECAD's state of the art roll-forming equipment for cold formed steel leads the way in accuracy and speed.

Increase production accuracy and efficiency

Improve operational efficiencies and cold formed steel precision with the technologically advanced roll-forming equipment from FRAMECAD. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, FRAMECAD's roll-forming equipment integrates innovative engineering, design and production software to produce frames, trusses and joists that are ready to be assembled with ease.

The world's most efficient design and manufacturing technology for cold formed steel, FRAMECAD equipment utilizes a specialized servo-drive motor combined with a world-leading encoder system, creating punches, cuts and chamfers with less than 0.01mm tolerance.


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The FRAMECAD system is the intelligent solution for organizations wanting to deliver large scale production and projects. It uses FRAMECAD® patented technology to give a smart lean-design, engineering and fabrication process.

With internet connectivity and the online access to FRAMECAD business support tools, FRAMECAD roll-forming equipment provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real-time production management, and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency and accuracy.


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