27㎡ Modular Accommodation

27㎡ Modular Accommodation

27㎡ 1-2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

The modular accommodation design offers durable and rapid construction; ideal for housing workers for short term projects through to permanent housing. The modular pod design can be constructed as either a single level dwelling or a stackable multi-storey accommodation. The design can be easily pre-fabricated in an off-site factory or produced on-site using the FRAMECAD® Mobile Factory.

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Rapid to construct and durable, this design can be quickly built anywhere in the world using the FRAMECAD System.

The design features:

  • Modular design, meaning that buildings of single and double bedrooms can be produced
  • Pod design that can vary from two bedrooms through to four bedrooms
  • Designed for rapid construction and minimum material wastage.

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FRAMECAD Building Product

  • Roofing

    The FRAMECAD roofing sub assemblies utilize quality building materials and are designed to offer high quality roofing systems.

  • Trusses & Roof Types

    The FRAMECAD System can be used to manufacture a range of trusses which in turn create a variety of different roof types.

  • Framing

    The FRAMECAD System can produce frames to suit a large range of building designs. This page contains a range of the kinds of typical framing members which may be needed to produce a building using the FRAMECAD System.

  • Flooring

    The FRAMECAD flooring systems use FRAMECAD cold formed steel joists in combination with quality FRAMECAD building materials to produce a rapid and durable flooring system.

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