170 ㎡ Villas

170 ㎡ Villas

170 m2 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms Carport

This traditional, yet contemporary, the FRAMECAD® Villas 01 design offers great indoor and outdoor living. The whole family can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the private terraces and balcony located on both the main and upper floors. The centrally located kitchen and large living spaces on the lower level are the heart of this villa, allowing for modern independent living.


Rapid to construct and durable, the Villas design can be quickly built anywhere in the world using the FRAMECAD System.

The design features:

  • Master bedroom with ensuite
  • 2. 5 Bathrooms
  • Internal Laundry
  • Private Balcony and Terrace.

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