Xerona Michael: School project in Nigeria

“We delivered on time, every time. At each school we were able to build the structures in only two days”

Date: 05 Nov 2018

Xerona Michael: School project in Nigeria

The Goal

Giving that the population of Nigeria is young and growing (63% of the population is under the age of 24), the Nigerian government now faces a huge demand for educational facilities. Seeing education as “an instrument for effecting national development,” one of the Nigerian state government sought to build extensions onto 28 existing schools and expand their education offering.

The Plan

Xerona Michael designed blocks, with six classrooms in each, to be built at each of the 28 sites. Ike Okpala, owner of Xerona Michael, anticipated a smooth construction process, sharing that they “have the machine and software which make putting up the steel framing straightforward and a quick process.”

The Build

Identical steel framing was established at each of the 28 sites, with the entire structures created in house at Xerona Michael. FRAMECAD was able to provide materials as needed and offer expertise, with the FRAMECAD high level of customer service being a strong selling point. “The FRAMECAD team meets demands in a timely manner,” says Ike, who cites the support system as one of the appeals.

The combination of FRAMECAD’s high quality materials and efficient customer service with Xerona Michael’s ‘on the ground’ experience meant that structures were completed in record time. “There were no challenges; the whole process was very simple,” shares Ike. “We delivered on time, every time. At each school we were able to build the structures in only two days, at the most.”

The Budget

Traditionally, Nigeria has seen a prevalence of brick and mortar buildings, making construction time intensive and costly. Using steel framing provides a cost effective solution; the time and labour companies would normally utilise for traditional building can be enormous, and unforseen circumstances can push costs up quickly.

With the cost of construction ever increasing, organisations in developing countries in particular are looking for new methods that enable faster, more cost effective builds. By using steel framing, fast turnaround is made possible, at a lower cost.

The Result

Despite being built in only two days, the resulting structures are solid, user-friendly school blocks that will enable more Nigerian children to gain an education. This efficiency and the high quality structures are a result of effective collaboration between Xerona Michael and FRAMECAD. “I would definitely encourage others to use FRAMECAD because of their support system,” shares Ike.

The relationship between the two organisations looks set to continue too; with the help of FRAMECAD’s support system and products, Xerona Michael impressed enough that they are now looking to take on 50 other similar projects.

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