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Having made the switch to FRAMECAD’s automated construction system in April 2016; prefabricated steel framing experts SBS Group have used their FRAMECAD system to make significant savings for their customers whilst delivering an accelerated construction process.

Date: 04 Mar 2019

SBS Group Deliver Cost Efficient Engineering & Prefabricated Frames

From their purpose-built manufacturing facility in Chirnside Park, Melbourne Australia; SBS Group have become well known for their apartment and town house projects. The following projects have shown how using the design-led methodology, the team of talented engineers and detailers at SBS have been able to improve the design and deliver a premium result.

Knoxia Townhouses

BUILDER / L U Simon Builders

ARCHITECT / iWolff Pty Ltd

LOCATION / 456 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South (Australia)




The level of detail originally provided for the timber system was minimal and challenging to understand.


  • Using steel allowed the contractors to hand the framing redesign to SBS Group. SBS Group coordinated the entire design process including 3D modelling, shop drawings, layout plans and engineering certification
  • Using the FRAMECAD automated machinery, frames were then fabricated straight, true and accurate at an accelerated pace.
  • Once on site, frames were quickly and easily installed, returning a fast delivery that keep the project ahead of schedule.
  • By using steel, on site works associated with timber frames was no longer required such as straightening, packing out and planning walls for additional time savings.

Pine Ave Townhouses

BUILDER / Coben Constructions

ARCHITECT / Cera Stribley

LOCATION / 31 Pine Avenue, Elwood (VIC)




Build a three-storey townhouse development from the ground up, comply with the design criteria while using minimal structural steel and deliver on time and on budget.


  • Over 80% of the original structural steel was removed through implementing FRAMECAD Structure by SBS Groups’s engineers. Following the Australian Building Code FRAMECAD Structure helps improve value engineering.
  • The ability to provide a complete framing package using FRAMECAD’s end to end software with full detailing and engineering ensured no gaps in the design process. The townhouses were individually braced to achieve the required fire rating and curved walls integrated to support floor joists.
  • The lightweight steel frames were then cut to length using FRAMECAD’s automated machinery for precise results.
  • Once on site, frames were then easily fixed off into place using supplied layouts.

Pleasant Road Townhouses

BUILDER / Liberty Builders

ARCHITECT / Jam Architects

LOCATION / 99 Pleasant Road, Hawthorn




Reduce the build time and deliver a three-level townhouse development on a tight site


  • The original plans were redesigned by SBS Group to substitute a significant amount of structural steel, saving an estimated 4-6 weeks on the structural element of the build.
  • The precision of framing made from steel meant that once the frames were in, there was no need to spend lengthy time on site fixing up twisted and warped timber walls.
  • With webs in the floor joists and precut holes in the studs and noggins, it was easier to pass cables and services through to where they were needed.
  • As it was a tight site, even the larger frames were light enough to be handled by two people on site without cranage reducing a large amount of cost in labour and other crane operators.

Looking for SBS Group to work on a project for you? Visit their FRAMECAD Connect Page for more Information 

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