Relyant: military

“The FRAMECAD System has saved our clients hundreds of thousands in construction costs … to say the least, our clients have been very impressed with the speed and quality of our work.”

Date: 05 Nov 2018

Relyant: military

Space savings

A FRAMECAD Mobile Factory was deployed at Bagram Air Force base in 2011, revolutionising how buildings are constructed in the city-sized military facility. By changing the original design of the buildings and using FRAMECAD technology, RELYANT provided the usable space of five buildings in four, reduced material costs by 30% and cut down build time by nearly a third.

According to Kyle Michel, FRAMECAD consultant on the project, “The buildings were originally designed as half round structures, but the usable space was limited because of the arch. By redesigning them, we were able to get the space that was the equivalent of the client having to build five of these half round buildings versus four storehouses using the FRAMECAD system.”

RELYANT Country Manager for Afghanistan, Jim Hoven explains: “The FRAMECAD system has saved our clients hundreds of thousands in construction costs, provides more usable space inside these types of structures, and also fulfills the engineering and building authority requirements of traditional construction. To say the least, our clients have been very impressed with the speed and quality of our work.”

A collaborative approach

“In the bidding stage for this project, FRAMECAD were extremely helpful,” says Jim. “They developed the plans, they developed the actual drawings. They came over to Afghanistan and brought some real hands-on experience. Undeniably, our partnership with FRAMECAD has been a key factor in securing our success in light-steel frame construction.

“The versatility of the FRAMECAD System ultimately convinced us to choose FRAMECAD,” says Jim. “The ability to design a structure, load the drawing into the factory software, and have it produce the components quickly was ideal for construction in an austere environment.

“The mobile frame making factory, the steel, the fixings, the roofing machine, the training … It was a true total solutions approach. And the factory was easy to set up. We shipped it in and we had it commissioned into production within three days. With its own diesel generator and shelter, this machine can be shipped to even the most remote areas with little or no infrastructure to support it. This adaptability to its surroundings complements our expeditionary support services in environments such as the Middle East and Africa.”

Features and benefits

  • The versatility of the FRAMECAD system allowed Relyant to use existing designs, while making the entire project more space, time and cost efficient.
  • The FRAMECAD Design team produced a design with 30% more space efficiency
  • FRAMECAD key to entire project process, from design through to training.

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