FASTSTEEL’S mission to help rebuild better in Chile

FASTSTEEL’s clients wanted energy efficient dwellings, with sustainability a real priority. Through the combination of the FRAMECAD System with their own expertise, FASTSTEEL was able to reduce waste by 99%.

Date: 07 Nov 2018

FASTSTEEL’S mission to help rebuild better in Chile

The Challenge

While concrete-reinforced bricks are common practice in Chile, there is no law regulating the use of steel frames, a structural element considered necessary in the eyes of innovative builders. But not all steel frames are created equal. As hot rolled steel is an expensive building material, many contractors cut costs by choosing lower quality steel. The solution? Light gauge steel.


The Partnership


After meeting FRAMECAD at a tradeshow in the United States of America, FASTSTEEL entered a successful partnership to better service their clients. Having increased the priority of its search for technology to design and build durable steel-framed homes as efficiently as possible, FASTSTEEL had finally found their solution. They soon began efforts to help rebuild after the destructive 8.2 magnitude in 2014 using light gauge steel and design-led construction through the FRAMECAD System.

The Build

FASTSTEEL adopted the complete FRAMECAD System, an advanced, end-to-end design and build approach to enable rapid construction. With the new system, they quickly rebuilt two classrooms for a school in north Chile and two houses in Santiago. After this success, they extended the model to begin work on two houses in South Chile.For each build, FASTSTEEL used their own Building Information Modelling (BIM) design software to first produce a completely electronic model – a digital description of the entire project. Afterwards, they exported it to FRAMECAD, fitting one design on top of the other to establish perfect consistency, confirm that the project would comply with local codes, and ensure perfection.



A typical house takes about a year to build, but with FASTSTEEL and FRAMECAD technologies, clients can expect the build to take about five months – a fraction of the time. The design process takes about a quarter of the time that traditional architectural planning uses, saving valuable time and reducing the costs that come along with hiring specialised engineers to make changes.

The Result

FASTSTEEL’s clients wanted energy efficient dwellings, with sustainability a real priority. Through the combination of the FRAMECAD System with their own expertise, FASTSTEEL was able to reduce waste by 99%, keeping the internal temperature of their structures at an average of 18 degrees – with zero energy consumed. They reduced the environmental footprint of the buildings, all while ensuring they would withstand the inevitable earthquakes to come.

In Chile, automated and computer aided building systems are becoming increasingly popular and companies like FASTSTEEL are leading the way in using FRAMECAD and light gauge steel frame construction. With future earthquakes sure to come, builders in Chile can be confident in their ability to build structurally sound dwellings quicker and within the constraints of tight budgets.

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